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FREE "Onsite" Employee Eye Testing...

Good eye sight for your Employees is vital to ensure Employee safety and optimum work efficiency.

Alpha Galaxy Optical (AGO) privides Employers with an opportunity to improve Employee relations by offering  free eye testing and consultation at the Employee's place of work by qualified optometrists.

AGO’s licensed Optometrists will test your Employee’s Eyes and our qualified staff will offer those in need a comprehensive range of both brand name and standard frames and lenses, at a time and location suitable to your company.

With Employer approval, AGO can offer your Employees cash sales or an installment purchase plan via salary deductions arrangements over a period of 60-90 days.

The salary deduction payment plan is the most popular with Employees and Staff. Employees and Staff are much more likely to have their eyes tested if a salary deduction payment plan applies so more eye sight problems will be detected by AGO and rectified meaning that there will be less eye strain related absenteeism and hence greater Employee productivity.    

Employee Benefits   

* Free eye examination and consultation
* Up to 50% discount on selected items.
* Up to 20% discount on regular items.
* Free contact lens kit or contact lens solution for each purchase of contact lenses
* Free eye glass services such as changing screws and nose pads
* Free contact lens cleaning

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Everything done onsite